Mobile Legends : Bang Bang Developmental League, New Path to Become Pro Player!

31 Desember 2019
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It is publicly known that Moonton as the official organizer of Mobile Legends : Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) will always try their best to develop Esports’ ecosystem in Indonesia. This is aligned with their vision to be the pioneer in the whole Esports ecosystem. 

2020 is chosen to be the year filled with official tournament. Beside MPL that will be held again soon, Mobile Legends : Bang Bang (MLBB) players and lovers also already knew that the 2nd World Championship (M2) will also be held in Indonesia. It is officially announced at the end of M1 in Malaysia month ago. 

Then what other surprise coming from Moonton? Answering the question from other parties related to the opportunity or pathway to become pro player in the league, Moonton will deliver second tier league of its professional league. This second tier league will be named Mobile Legends : Bang Bang Developmental League (MDL)

As the second tier league of MPL, professionalism will still be the main attitude. Aligned with the name, Moonton invited along the eight teams that already participated in MPL to have their second team play in MDL and also besides that there are several slots available for other teams. 

Other teams coming from outside MPL ecosystem will be contested to get their slots in MDL through offline qualifier. All the teams that already filled in the registration form will be reviewed by Moonton to decide who will secure the slots in MDL. Offline qualifier is chosen as the system to secure the slot so that the qualification will be more open and transparent. 

MDL itself will be started in February 2020 and will last for more or less 2 months. The regular and playoff of MDL will be held in Jakarta where the venue will be announced during Press Conference later on. And it is expected that the whole season of MDL will be broadcasted online thus the players and fans can still follow it.

“ We are excited to launch the first ever Mobile Legends Developmental League in Southeast Asia. We believe it will open and create a new path for people to become a pro player. As Esports ecosystem moves very fast in Indonesia, we will move forward to take more part in building and sustaining the ecosystem. As our vision to take more part in building and sustaining the ecosystem, we have fully launch the complete tournament starting from amateur one until the professional one. ” said Lucas Mao, MPL Indonesia Commissioner.

By joining the MDL, eight teams that also contested in MPL will have the opportunity to do talent scouting. MDL itself will also be the way for semi pro player to show their best performance, with the hope that after this league ends it will open their pathway to the professional league (MPL). 

With the commencement of MDL in 2020, it is expected that the Esports ecosystem in Indonesia will be better and well developed. Having those tournament in many tiers, it is surely complete the ecosystem starting from amateur level of its MLCC that just announced recently, second tier and also professional league.